How to set a product with variants?

In order to prepare the product with the variants correctly, first of all, go to the “Add New” product tab.

Here, we fill in fields such as title, description or category. When we have it ready, then we set the “Product data” to “Variable product”. Like below:


Next, go to the attributes tab and enter as shown in the graphic (below). Remember to select “Visible on the product page” and “Used for variations.  Then save the changes.

Then in the tab with variants in the select field select: “Create variations from all attributes”. And click “Go”. This may take a moment.

Then the notification pops up and we’ll see the added variants.

Then, as before, using the select box and the “Go” button, you must set the price and stock for all items. You can also set each element separately. On the other hand, you have to add pictures separately for each set.

After doing this, save everything. Now we will take pictures. You can set the first graphic as one of the variants then they will not be duplicated. Just insert all the graphics you used in the variants settings, as below.

It’s all, save and enjoy the change of variants. Do not forget to exclude changes to those elements that are assigned to many pictures, and their change is unnecessary, e.g. sizes. How to set a plugin?